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Pathetic justice in UK

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I don't know which was worse, the crime or the resulting penalty by the court. Perhaps assault, intentional maiming and manslaughter are acceptable crimes against gay people, especially if they are handicapped. The UK needs to consider a return of public hanging for criminals like this, but instead he gets a few months in jail. Sickening.


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The defense attorney described his client's act as "criminally stupid." I think the judge's sentence of 3 and a half years was "criminally stupid." I am absolutely horrified by what this poor guy had to go through, bullied and forced to move and then taunted at a party before being doused with tanning oil and set afire. What kind of human being does something like this and what kind of human being is this judge? Horrendous.

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TEN years would not have been enough for a crime this horrible. Setting another human being on fire as a prank is beyond horrible, and the fact that the poor kid had Asberger's and a speech impediment and was gay just makes it worse.

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The judges ruling will now face a review:


Something had to be done, and perhaps there will be a new trial. The current situation is a black eye for the English courts. In a time of gay sensitivity across the EU this lenient and frivilous sentence should not stand. Wait and see.

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