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StormVerse Chronicles - AwesomeDude Alliance


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Hello gang!

It is with a great deal of pride and excitement that I announce the forming of an alliance between StormVerse Chronicles and AwesomeDude.

Something new? Yes and no. Joining together for mutual exchanges between our two communities is new, but the friendship between Ty at StormVerse, formerly known as StormNation and I go back at least a decade. It was a frequent exclamation by one of Ty's characters 'Lucas' ... awesome, dude! that gave me the idea for our site's name. So we go back a long way.

As StormVerse experiences a renaissance and as AwesomeDude begins it's tenth year of existance, Ty and I have decided to join hands for mutual cooperation and benefit.

AwesomeDudes, we hope you will all frequently visit StormVerse and it's attendant community and that we can expand our horizons a bit in all directions!

We welcome folks from the StormVerse community with open arms and hope you'll join up as AwesomeDude Forum members as well.


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