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Satire is alive and well on the internet

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I was attracted to this story because like several people quoted in the article we do take ourselves too seriously.


I am not a military person, never have been, never will be, but I do see the value in a website like this with an insider's viewpoint. The fact that Senator McConnell's office reacted to the prank posting is a great laugh considering what a stoggy old bird he is at his job.

Satire is one of the cornerstones of humorous thought but it does take a little intelligence to appreciate. I guess that leaves out most of our politicians. :lol:

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I love it. I love it because in reality our military does so many things like those "reported" here that the line separating truth from these fictions is completely blurred.

The best quote is from the founder of the Duffel Blog website, who said "...Apparently, they aren't teaching skepticism or critical thinking in some parts of the country anymore." Bwah ha ha ha ha ha.

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