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Examina Incredibilia, Part III

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I think this will be my last posting along these lines, but I cannot stop before giving you the students' version of the early history of Christianity. For these purposes, "Early Christianity" means about the first 600 years.

Nero was responsible for the percussion of the Christians.

Marcus Aurelius was one of the great persons that was assasinated during the assasinations of the Christians.

The Petrarch was and is the leader of the Eastern half of the Catholic church.

Saul of Tarsus was the apostle of the genitals.

Julius Caesar was converted from Judaism to Christianity.

Christianity dealt with the hereafter after death.

Augustine of Hippo taught the Holy Trinity.

Nicaea was a town where the Nicene theory was established which was the Epicurean doctrine which is the basic theory of Christianity today.

Constine had a religious dream where he saw an angle with his shield.

The Christian movement lasted for 600 years.

Paul, one of the ten deciples, wrote the Old Testament. He preached to the Albigensians.

Christ's teachings only lasted for three years.

Petrarch was the head of the Church. It was the Pope in Rome. The Byzantine church had seven of these.

Gregory the Great sent Augustine of Canterbury into Kent to preach to the Anglicans.

The Edict of Milan, which was started by Nero persecuted the end of the Christians and Constantine became the first Christian emperor of the New World.

the main usefulness of monks was to copy transcripts

Augustus the Hippo became the Bishop or Hippo of Africa

Constantine - the only significant thing I can relish about him at this late stage of the game is that he is keeping me in here when I should, by nature, be outside in that wonderful sunshine indulging in the materialistic offerings of this good earth. Thou art my deliverance!

Augustine of Hippo was the ruler of a tribe of Germans that threatened the Romen Empire and that's probably wrong but be a good guy and give me partial credit anyway.

Constantine was on his deathbed when he died.

Christianity began at the time of Christ, approximately in the 4th century B.C.

Edict of Milan was a soldier. He was sent ot Africa to fight. He was the only general that could stop the barbaric raids on the frontiers of Rome. He was elected emperior and lost his throne 4 years later.

Chi rho was the seal of the Archbishop of teh Roman church.

this was before B.C.

Christians are called a submersive movement.

an outbreak of Christianity sprung up

The early Christians sent out missionaries to convert the Catholics, the Moslems, and the pagans.

[And this is what the Bible belt knows about Early Christianity.]

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