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For a Lost Soldier...

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This story struck a few chords with me, more than just a few. No one here knows this about me, but I too lost my first love to the war in Vietnam. We were on the same ship, and during liberty we spend as much time together as we could. We reveled in who we secretely were. I've walked the "Wall" in Washington, DC...and found his name. He wasn't buried in Arlington, he wasn't buried in anywhere that I can find. But, I will always remember him.

Thank you Des for posting that article,


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I have always felt that logically gays should be a higher than expected fraction of the military. If you think of the things that the military value; loyalty, comradeship and a close-knit group of men who are prepared to die for one another, then gay men fit the bill perfectly. If I were in a fox-hole under fire I sure would like to have a hand I could hang onto.

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