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Hollywood dying, save your books

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It's fairly easy to write a story about Hollywood these days, there is so much information available about the major studios online and in books, but that may soon change.

I haven't been to the theater in a very long time, not because there is nothing to see or because of those outrageous ticket prices, but with a little patience the films soon come out in DVD...those that are worth seeing.

That seems to be the point of Spielberg's comments in the link below, Hollywood studios are serving turkey these days. When you spend millions on a big budget film and only make half of it back any idiot can do the math.

But I like indie films because they are more daring and sometimes a challenge to make...and watch. When Hollywood starts with the remakes we can all see that something is very wrong with the industry. I guess by the time we reach Iron Man 16 filmed at the superhero rest home we'll all agree that talent has left the building and won't be coming back.


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Some of the most innovative stuff is being made in Canada and the UK. BSG and Stargate were both made in Canada but aren't currently in production.

The only thing that Hollyweird is getting right these days is Law & Oder and CSI

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If you want to read an entire book devoted to what Spielberg is talking about, read Lynda Obst's Sleepless in Hollywood: Tales from the New Abnormal in the Movie Business. Ms. Obst makes a very good case that the movie business has turned into 1) huge $100 million+ "tentpole" releases (sequels, comic book movies, giant sci-fi epics), and 2) very low-budget "little" movies. But there's not much inbetween, like a small $30M-$50M romantic comedy, or an intimate drama, or "regular" kinds of movies that used to be made. A lot of that has gone to cable, particularly by high-profile shows like Breaking Bad and Mad Men, both examples of shows that could not be done on traditional network TV (or as traditional films).

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