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I have been posting stories to the internet for over a decade by now and was able to choose the sites where they appeared, but not always.

Back in the Nifty days I had 4 or 5 stories pirated to a site in the EU where they also sold pornography. I wasn't alone in this but in conversation with other authors who shared the same fate at the time we understood there was little we could do about it.

I have also found links to my stories on several blogs but their intentions were to review and comment. What author doesn't want good publicity?

Recently I had one of my regular readers send me this link to a fan site he has placed on Wiki. He seems to be enamored of the Scrolls of Icaria story and that is a very good choice. He does note that it is a fan driven site with no connection to the author. I think Jamie will appreciate the fan coverage and the discussion this is bound to bring.


With dozens of gay story sites online (although AD is far and above the rest) we should only encourage fans to review and recommend our work to others. There is no harm in talking about the stories but since most authors are accessible on a story site I would hope the fans ask before reproducing any portion of a story.

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