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Gender Non-conforming 6 year-old boy


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This video appeared on NBC's Today and it makes me think. My liberal side says it is cool that his parents are so understanding and encouraging, but there is a conservative part of me that wonders if, perhaps, they should try to get a little help from a professional to determine how serious the boy is about this. I want to say, "Good for you. be who you are." I know that I was playing with dolls, among other things, at that age, though I never wanted to be a girl. I do have some effeminate traits and have since I was young, much to the distress of my family, but I wonder if my reluctance to fully embrace what these parents are doing is a result of the years of socialization and training I experienced.

Should the boy be encouraged? I know I should scream YES. Still... I wonder.


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I agree with everything you said, FT. The boy is too young to see his future and lives in the now.

I would suggest the parents seek an advisor first and discuss the way they deal with the issue and what they see might happen as the boy grows older. It is their support that will make or break this child's development. Just giving in to his desires will not always solve emotional and social issues on the playground or at school.

And then perhaps the boy should have a counselor at some point to investigate how he sees himself. Is this an early vestige of trans behavior? The boy must have conflicting thoughts in his head. This young it is a lot like playing a role but as he ages things will get serious and he needs the opportunity to understand himself through counseling.

We didn't get any information about the boy's schooling, peer interaction and reaction. His mother did say the boy knows when what he might want is inappropriate and self edits his behavior. This beginning of wisdom should be supported.

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