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Is this acceptable behavior...

Chris James

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What a day for news...bad news. Tom Delay has his conviction overturned by an appeals court stacked with Republican appointees. Just proves if you plan to be a congressional thief and get away with it you better be Republican. Business as usual.

But my pet peeve of the day is this story. Here is a fine example of the teaching profession who should have been tossed in jail. Instead they gave him his job back. Maybe the students were undergoing withdrawal symptoms and they needed another fix from this bastard.


This is what we have become, folks. Are you cringing with me?

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Back around 2004, Tom Delay came to my city to speak. There were posters for the event all over the Downtown area. My mom was working downtown at the time, and kept drawing devil horns on all the Tom Delay posters in her building until finally they gave up and stopped replacing them.

As for heroin-teacher, HOLY HELL, he's making 64k per year AND he's not fired after narco possession charges!? We had to fight just to get a twenty minute lunch break and a handful of sick days! I used to think my branch of the union was strong, but damn.

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