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Pete and Pete


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One of my favorite TV shows of the 90's was Nickelodeon's Pete and Pete, the story of two red-headed brothers growing up on a typical suburban street and attending a typical suburban school and how they dealt with the typical challenges of childhood and adolescence in atypical ways. The show was quite clever--and I had a crush on Michael Marona, This article on The Huffington Post describes the show's enduring popularity, much like Freaks and Geeks-- another show I enjoyed. Also, the boys have red hair and anyone who has read a story of mine knows I am constitutionally incapable of creating a protagonist who does not have red hair. Enjoy.

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Yes! I grew up on this show, and I think it still holds up.

A reader once asked me about my influences for Laika, and I cited this show.

Also, as a ten year old, this was my first exposure to Iggy Pop. Heh.

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