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Sorry, but this is political

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Okay, let's just start with more lies from the Republican National Committee on television this morning:


Anyone named Reince should never be trusted, and for good reason. (I don't even think a gay man would want that name) Political fact checkers rate him as one of the biggest liars in politics these days. He even makes these inaccurate statements with a straight face.

By calling into question Hillary Clinton's health issues he ignores that we re-elected Ronny Ray-gun for a second term while the man was in the throes of Alzheimer's disease. One of these days a clever reporter will discover the cover up. Not to mention that many of us already consider John McCain as brain damaged for sharing a ticket with Sarah Palin.

I seriously doubt if Mrs. Clinton had any real health issues she would even bother to run for president, which she still hasn't announced. But old Reince and his preemptive attack prompted by that well know demigod of intellectual thought Karl Rove, the world largest asshole and a major American criminal, only shows how weak an argument this is.

The Republicans are scared about the next presidential election, as they should be. All the anti-gay rhetoric, the anti-woman rhetoric, the anti-immigrant rhetoric...they need to be scared. Is Hillary the best candidate the Dems have for president...probably, and that is a shame. But the GOP has no one worthy of leading this nation...they need to be scared.

I despise politics and often think we would be better off if we outsourced the presidency to some company in India. At least the bill would be reasonable, and the taxpayers might get free curry in the process.

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Rather than India, I believe that there is a family business in the UK with a wealth of experience at being the figurehead of a Nation. They have several family members waiting in line for a chance to prove themselves, capable and willing to do the job. :hehe:

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Okay, this whole outsourcing idea has some merit. Perhaps with all the writers here we could pull together a provocative referendum that could be placed on the ballets nationwide. We are, after all, a government 'of the people, by the people, for the people'. So let's hear 'from the people'...all the people.

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er, if it was possible to get the referendum placed on the 'ballets', I presume that you are saying that would lead to a lot of dancing around the nation.

If you want to hear from all the people, or at least 95% of them, then you will need to adopt a compulsory voting system such as we have in Australia.


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Chris, Chris, Chris... Dude, go have a hot cocoa. Karl Rove's attack AND the chirping that followed on the news shows is just inconsequential fluff.

This is the problem with us politically aware people sometimes: We follow news. We care about human and current events, but we start to lose sight of the big picture over the drama of individual stories.

Let;s draw back and ask 2 simple questions. Is there any Hillary supporter, who is familiar with her politics/personality/agenda who will hear the accusation of 'old' and change their mind based on that? Is there anyone who will say, 'Hillary is too old!' who wasn't already planning to vote against her in any case? The answer is no in each case. Rove moved public opinion exactly 0 points, but got some free advertising for his political consulting firm. i.e. liberal outrage at Rove makes money for him..

But to get back on point, the election is 2 years away, so CNN et al need to make this sound like a controversy to pull ratings and a sense of urgency. Don't play their game.

In the last decade I've followed a rule that has calmed my blood pressure a whole lot compared to before: I don't pay attention or discuss 'election' coverage and 'horse race' talk until six months before the actual election. Everything before that (and hindsight has proven me right!) ends up not making a difference.

The only reason I'm discussing this now is because I'm commenting on the media aspect, not the political aspect of it. We talk about how modern politics is a polarized culture, but we have to realize we feed that beast when we take it seriously all the time like every little speech and hearing matters.

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