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  1. That story took a weird turn in all the best ways. The intrusion of some mythology into the modern day is always a tricky proposition, especially the risk of cliche, but this works well and comes out fresh.
  2. True story: As a kid my second favorite breakfast was fried cow brains. Very fluffy texture. People around here stopped eating brains when the mad cow scare hit in the nineties and it never came back into style. Some are still scared of the disease others are too young to have gotten a taste for it. Happy Halloween, everyone, especially John, our webmaster, who I'm sure is out trick-or-treating right now.
  3. Really liked this. My kind of story. Gruesome humor and clever interweaving of plot and character elements.
  4. People should be more like my parents. Every one of the 13 times we moved, my parents made sure to find my dogs a good home on a quiet farm with lots of butterflies to chase. But seriously though, I've been looking to get a dog for 10 years now and never went out and actually got one because I knew I didn't have a stable enough living arrangement to care for a pet. Another thing that gets me is when a movie like Finding Nemo comes out that is all about Nemo being trapped in an aquarium away from his family and parents respond by buying Nemos for their kids.
  5. Not just that you could tell who reads comics. You could tell who reads good comics.
  6. I like the South Park methodology for this, slipping the word 'hu-man' into random sentences."Hi, Tim, could you lend me one of your hu-man pencils?"
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