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Looking for a particular type of storyline. Any Suggestions?

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Greetings all.

I would like to read a story about a common American dropped into English culture or a school that is at a complete loss to understand the language even though he understands the words. I think it would be great fun reading and probably full of laughs and double entendre. I'd write it myself except for that complete lack of knowledge of the British vernacular.

Any suggestions of links would be greatly appreciated.

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There was a terrific story started sometime back -- not sure where I read it -- about a gay American high school student who, through circumstance, winds up at a British boarding school and has trouble fitting in. Not sure if it was ever finished. I thought one of the problems with the story is that he figured out British slang a little too quickly, and not too many people kidded him about being American. I think the "fish out of water" aspect could have been played up a lot more.

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