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A little intellectual humor...for those who understand

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How reactionary our politicians. Please note that the NY Times story is satire:


But of course I can see Bachmann saying something exactly like this because of her pervasive ignorance. And as for that illustrious science committee, they don't believe in global warming. Is it hot in here or is that just me? Here's the real scoop:


That's a relief, I was afraid the black hole under my bed was just in my imagination. Of course I haven't seen that other bedroom slipper in quite some time...and have you seen the cat?

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Our cat is all black, so we wouldn't know if he had fallen into a black hole. If we could reverse his colour frequency then he would be white and he still would not be visible if he had fallen into a black hole; or a white hole for that matter. Is there such a thing as a white hole? I must remember to ask Yoda.

I have to go have a nap...on top of the bed, and hope the whole bedroom doesn't collapse into a black hole.

It's a dark matter, a dark matter I tell you.

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Dr. Hawking's comments are all based on theoretical physics, so finding real proof is always a struggle -- even coming up with mathematical models. (I did work for a few weeks on the Disney film The Black Hole, but I suspect the movie was so bad, Hawking's theories don't apply.)

I have a theoretical premise that Michelle Bachmann is a fascist cunt, but that's just me.

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Guest Dabeagle

I liked 'The Black Hole'. Saw it as a kid, bought it years later and shared it with my son. We both liked the robots and Maximillian Schell's accent, and the overall idea was cool - until the very end, which was the cheesy special effects of the day.

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