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I seriously doubt if NSA is the least bit interested in what I have online. But with the amount of suspicious spam I get it really would be nice to disappear. At various times I feel like the Emperor in his new clothes because the internet knows me too well.

So I ran across this article, and I hope it stays available for a while although NBC is notorious for making their stuff disappear. But this guy has a fascinating take on how to vanish from the internet, well worth reading:


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The scheme seems tiresomely effortful.

Why not just accept the fact that we have no private lives? The moment the Social Security Act took effect (here in the States), or when DNA tracing became possible, the myth of privacy ended.

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I knew privacy had evaporated when they started assigning Social Security numbers to newborns, just to keep track of people. And the NSA is just out of control.

I think as long as people act reasonably and don't do stupid stuff, you generally have nothing to worry about. But maybe I'm naive.

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