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Love on the Rocks -- Five Years on


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I received the following note from Marcus McNally and am eager to read the sequel to one of the better stories that has appeared in this genre.

The original story is at http://crvboy.org/stories/mm/s001/c01.html

vwl, aka rec

G'day again,

I am contacting you because you have corresponded with me about my story 'Love on the Rocks'; different versions of which have appeared in the past few years on 'Nifty' and 'CRVBOY'.

When the original 40-chapter story was complete, I promised a sequel set five years on. I'm sorry it's taken almost two years to get there, but I'm pleased to let you know that it's almost complete!

'Love on the Rocks Five Years On' will start appearing as a weekly instalment on www.crvboy.org from October 11.

Many of you will have read the original story in its entirety. For those of you haven't and those of you who need to refresher I strongly recommend that you to read it first, because this 'sequel' harks back often to that first year in the lives of Tyson Hill and Mike Stewart.

Fingers crossed, you'll enjoy this update set five years after Mike and Ty get back together. All the main players are still with us George, Frank and Dot, Lachie and Ellie, Scott, Steve and Frank, Max even Scruffy and Floppy.

This time, there are some new family members to meet (you'll love them I promise), and a few new characters who've happened along to give the boys a new round of challenges.

It was your response to the original story ... mostly positive, sometimes critical, but always welcome ... that has inspired me to finish this update.

It's my 'thank you' to you for your feedback, and your much valued support.

With love,


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I'm looking forward to reading Part 2. It took me a long time to read all 40 chapters of Part 1. I'll try to keep up with Part 2 by reading it on my trips into SF in the morning and home.in the evening.

Colin :icon_geek:

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Chapter 14 has just been posted. I read few stories in serial form, but this is one of them.

Many stories show good word-smithing, but this story shows both that and what I'll call character-smithing: the ability to differentiate characters and make them memorable both from week to week and for the long haul. Each major character -- and there are many -- has quirks, personality traits and so forth that define them and make them alive.

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I have just finished re-reading the original and then reading the sequel. Very enjoyable, even if there were a few minor inaccuracies that momentarily bothered me. Only an Australian is likely to spot them, though. :smile:

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