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Awhile ago I developed an interest in web comics. It's not a passion, but I've found a number of gay-themes web comics that I quite enjoy. Most don't fall into the story-telling genre, but there's a couple I've come across (both by the same author and graphic artist) that I think qualify. After all, the old saying is a picture paints a thousand words, so a web comic page is worth several thousand words.....

Artifice written by Alex Woolfson, art by Winona Nelson

An interesting story of an advanced, self-aware biological construct known as a synthetic or "artificial person". He had been sent on a mission, but things didn't go quite to plan, and the corporation that owns him wants to know why.

The story is complete, with a wonderful but perfectly logical twist at the end. I really enjoyed it. A genuine story in a graphical format.

The Young Protectors written by Alex Woolfson, pencils by Adam DeKraker, colors by Winona Nelson

Secretly gay superhero falls for gay supervillain. What could possibly go wrong?

This story is still ongoing, but I believe it's nearing completion. However, the author has indicated that it will go into December, so it may still have some legs in it....

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Artifice is certainly a double two-hander piece. First with Jeff, and secondly with the doctor. It would make a great stage play or an edgy movie. The ending is a question that can only be resolved in the positive as the author points out in his notes. Of course it could also be seen as a pilot for a TV series in which the heroes escape the clutches of the corporation each week.

The same sex outcast metaphor is obvious but not overdone, as it combines many of the attributes of coming out and discovery.

Good catch Graeme, thank you.

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