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"Dear Santa, I want an editor for Christmas." No, seriously, I have a deadline.

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I come a begging once again. While watching a BBC programme on 'Thankful Villages', villages that lost no men during the Great War, I got struck by inspiration.

So I started a WW1 Christmas story. I'm 3,300 words in over the last day and I expect to have a 5000 word first draft complete by


Trouble is I need editorial help. I've stopped writing because I hit the relationship climax before the rest of the story climax and I'm wondering if it might actually hurt the story to continue.

Plus I want to submit the story to Awesomedude for this Xmas, so I need a timely editing for either version of the story anyway.

Anyone in a position to help me?

1. Read the first 3300 and offer an opinion about going forward.

2. Read the full ~5000 words if I add my other stuff in.

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