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A Light In Dark Places by B.E. Kelley

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Having actually had a brick to my face, courtesy of the local Home Invaders Inc., I understand what you mean with this story.

What stunned me most was the song in chapter 3. I didn't know it, so I quickly googled it and the author's choice is spot on. I suggest readers play at least the first verse to match the story's text, but really the entire song and its backing is just so appropriate.

Here's the link (below) to the song, but don't play it now, wait till you get to the appropriate place in the text of chapter 3 then pause your reading and listen to the song.

Thanks James for the heads up on this, yeah it is grim, but I'm a bit down anyway so as they say, misery loves company.

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When the author left GA, it was a "scorched earth" kind of thing. They've been completely scrubbed off the site like they never existed. Typically GA does that if there is an issue of authorship of the stories the author posted, or if there is a major disagreement with the site admins.

I'd recommend checking with GA to see if they could vet the author, if they're being considered for posting here.

The stories were good - I read all of them, until they disappeared so abruptly.

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This is an excellent story. It needs an editor to clean up some of the things like to/too, passed/past, punctuation flubs, and so on. It's definitely worthy of a home at AD — assuming that the vetting comes out okay.

Colin :icon_geek:

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