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The LBGT Kingdom

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Or LGBT Kingdom...does it really matter?

Doesn't it figure that the men and women from down under would be the first to declare a national status for themselves. Next up they will be looking for recognition at the UN. No matter how it goes, this looks like fun. And we know the Aussies are all about fun.


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I'd have preferred a parliamentary democracy, but at least they avoided calling it a Queendom. :lipssealed:

James, we would be pleased to grant you assylum, or asylum if that is all you want.

Cole, you can be sure that despite the current LNP government with all its conservative drongos in power, Australia is still a fun place to be.

I honestly wouldn't want to live anywhere else on this planet. :boogie[1]:

As for other planets, it's a shame that Uranus is so far from the Sun. My anus is also far from anyone's son these days. :cry:

(Has any noticed that Uranus is now being pronounced "yoor - ah - nus" instead of the olde Aussie pronunciation of, "your - anus") :evilgrin:

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