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The passing of Ryan Bartlett


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I'm sure that many of you have noticed the similar forum topic down below on the Codey's World forums, but I wanted to make sure it was closer to the top of the page.

Ryan Bartlett, a former author of AwesomeDude, is no longer with us in this world. He passed away on August 31st at the age of 37. He was a gifted author, and to me he was a great friend. He was not without his faults, and he rubbed many people the wrong way, but at the same time he was a man who fought for what he believed to be right with a passion rarely seen in this world. May he rest in peace.

From Dave at Dabeagle, the online contact who knew Ryan best.

I have just spoken with Ryan's pastor. Like his characters in Sanitaria Springs, he was a Methodist. I have found out that he initially thought he had food poisoning. When he didn't come to church this past Sunday, he was checked on and found to be unable to stand. He was rushed to the hospital and found to be septic. His heart coded three times. His mom was told that it would be a good idea to disconnect him, his body had taken a lot of abuse. His mother was spared that horrible decision as Ryan coded again and they were unable to revive him.

Services will be Saturday the 19th of September. I plan to send flowers with a message that they are from his friends and family in Sanitaria Springs - his pastor approved. I had a long conversation with her. Any of you who have visited our little town, please consider these flowers to be from all of us.


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I’d like to express my sadness at learning of the passing of former AD Author, Ryan Bartlett.

Losing a talented writer at such a young age should be a reminder to us all that we should never take life for granted and that petty squabbles and disagreements should not dominate our lives and our dealings with others.

Life is just too short.


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A sad loss to the gay literary community as Ryan was a huge contributor to Dabeagle's Doghouse site. I had little contact with him, although he did comment on my stories several times...and not always nicely. But critics are necessary in the development of a writer and his contributions are well noted. A sad day for his family and friends.

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