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...fanatics around the world. In the religion of "peace" is this what stands as family values?


And now this child is a less than productive member of his society, although he is loved by his village who may have to support him as he grows older...if he doesn't die from his actions. There is something very wrong with a religion that puts any kind of value on acts like this...how stupid can you get?

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I'm reminded of the story of the Imam who was making a preaching tour of the Pathan country of Afghanistan. A recurring theme was the lack of tombs where the "true" believers could pray to the holy men who had been in their midst. The Pathans took his message seriously, so they killed him, placed him in an elaborate tomb, and had a place to pray to this holy man who had been among them. This story may be apocryphal but it is widely told in the Pathan country and that, in an of itself, tells one a great deal. (See Spain, 'The Way of the Pathans.')

Given the onslaught of suicide bombers, are we surprised?

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