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Have Germany's schools gone too far?

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A recent article in Germany's Die Welt (The World) describes a new trend in education. Opponents of "diversity training" claim that the classes for their middle schoolers effectively introduce the kids to be accepting of the world of BDSM. Perhaps some scholars feel the kids need to learn safe and sane techniques lest they venture into the unknown completely unprepared. Or perhaps it's just opponents dredging up anything in opposition to diversity class.


The class rating is "Freigegeben 12+" or "Intended for 12 years old and older". (By comparison, the most recent Star Wars film is Freigegeben 12+, although under their older film rating system Das Imperium Schlägt Zurück - The Empire Strikes Back - was limited to 14 and older.)

As often happens, Sputnik News has an amusing cartoon on the subject to remind us of the decadence of the Western world.


Frankly, we had some pretty damned qualified teen BDSM instructors in my neighborhood growing up, but that's a different story.

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We've had a similar thing here in Australia about our Safe Schools program which tries to teach kids (and teachers) about LGBTI kids. Opponents have dredged up anything they can (such as a link on the web site to another site that happens to include certain sexual material) in an effort to get funding removed. When it was reviewed and some small changes suggested, the opponents didn't think the review was satisfactory and want the whole program shut down until a review that they're happy with can be done.

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