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Six Months



The oncologist says that my dad has six months (maximum) to live.

People have been coming over to visit. My grandma, my cousin, old family friends who we haven't seen in years. It's weird - the last time I saw my cousin was about ten years ago, when HER dad (my uncle) died of lung disease. And before that? A funeral for another distant relative. It's like we only see each other when someone is dead or dying. She's cool, though. She's from this tiny town, so she's amazed by the "big city" things like traffic lights (they only have a couple stop signs where she's from) and people who don't match their shoes (okay, so that was just me) and the fact that she can't find a country music station on the radio (ah, Lawd). At one point, she asks what we city people do for fun. My mom and I look at each other, shrug, turn back to her and say "We read books." She looks disappointed, like she was expecting us to say "Wild meth-fueled orgies."

Anyway, it's finals week. I just got done taking my Bio final - no sweat, there. Just four more days 'til freedom.


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Just how did this cousin of yours get to your place? Transporter beam? How could she not have ever seen a traffic light, at least on the trip there? But then, maybe she didn't drive, and slept through the whole trip. I've done that. Leaves you with a hell of crick in the neck though.I don't know about your place right now, but something that bothers me in such a situation is that with lots of people there, there can't help but be the odd joke, laughter, and a fight about something. It seems almost disrespectful to have life going on, while someone else is struggling. It always tears me up, not wanting to 'let go', but needing to. It's probably not a very easy situation, and your whole family has my sympathy, for what it's worth. :inquisitive:

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Answer:Osama, Justin and EleCivilQuestion:Name a dude who likes to hate, a dude who looks real great and a dude with too much on his plate.Don't feel like you owe it to your friends and family to be there all the time for them. You need support, too. If you need to make an escape from it all, take as much time as need. You're no good to anybody burned out.

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