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(18) Older not necessarily wiser



So what is it like to be 3x21?

What can be said that will give hope that there is life after 30?

Is there a moment in life where it all comes together?

Well lets put it this way, I ain't saying because I don't want to depress the young amongst you.

Joke for ppl who have had too many birthdays:

Stop me if you have heard it.

Why are young people so beautiful and pretty and lovely to look at?

So that old people will talk to them whilst waiting for them to grow the F*** up.

Okay so that wasn't very nice. Anyone who wants to whip me for my indiscretions please form two lines, one at my front and one at my back. :lol::icon_tongue::shame::lol::lol::shame::hiya::lol:


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Des,I can honestly say I don't know what to say. Well except, maybe, Happy Birthday. Though I'm not sure if I should comment about the spanking, noodle tasting, and such. So I'll leave the comments to my betters. Best wishes in the upcoming year.Jason R.

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Thanks Jason,and thanks to you all for your birthday wishes.Birthdays don't mean all that much as you get older but the greetings from you all mean a hell of a lot.So thanks again. :bunny::razz:

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