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(25) Let's play doctor.



I haven't been blogging,

Because I've been logging,

A few sick days in bed,

With a cough and sore head

And no, I haven't had fun, flogging.

Right so much for the poetry.

I feel better now. Have you ever noticed how much better you feel after you visit the doctor.

I have a great doctor.

I turned up at the doctor's rooms ten minutes early.

He sees me straight away. It pays to get the first appointment after lunch.

I tell him all my woes outlining a plethora of symptoms.

I hand him a sheet of paper I have typed up on the computer listing the degradations of my bodily functions with times and places of their occurrences.

He glances at it and throws it aside on the desk. -Just throws it aside as if it was unnecessary!

Doesn't he realise that the clues to making me alive and well again are contained in the detailed analysis I spent hours typing up for him.

I could have been resting, sleeping in bed, but no, I am aware that his time is precious so I spent all of the previous night on the computer looking up my symptoms on the Internet; all to help him diagnose the hour of my demise and he just throws it aside like a piece of junk mail.

He takes my temperature and blood pressure. He listens to my chest and then my lungs.

"Say Ahhh," he commands, and he looks down my mouth, probably looking for tell tale signs of my sex life.

"Aha!" he says.

"What?" I ask. :laugh:

"You have a chest infection."

"And?" :spank:

"Rest up a few days and you will be fine."

"That's it? I'm not at death's door?"

"Not as far as I can tell," he says.

I wonder about getting a second opinion. "As far as you can tell? Should I be concerned?"

He laughs a boyish giggle and raises an eyebrow with an impish grin, "Just go home and rest. You'll be fine. Trust me I'm a doctor." We both burst out laughing at that remark.

"Thanks Doc I feel better already."

"Of course you do." He smiles as he holds the door open for me.

I sign the medicare papers and walk outside. The sun is shining. I feel great.

He is such a good doctor. :w00t:


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Are you SURE you're not an aspie? Typewritten symptoms, by day and time. OMG. It sounds so much like me. BTW, I always chat around with my doctor too. He loves it. You know what it is, we treat him like a human being, not a god. They do get sick of sitting on that pedestal, you know, even while they perpetuate the worship.

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You are so right Trab. Doctors do get sick of being worshipped as gods. (though some of them do like it).I always have a little human joke with the doc and he seems to like the fun.He told me he gets very frustrated with patients that just expect him to do all the work and won't make an effort for themselves.I believe when we visit a doctor we should always remember it is called a 'consultation' and that means the final decisions must rest with me, albeit with consideration of the doctors advice. I had a cute cousin I used to practise medicine with when I was 14. :icon_geek:

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That sounds so nice and innocent Des, but you neglected to say what age your cousin was. :icon_geek:
Hmm I think he was about 16. However, I must admit I wasn't counting years at the time.And no he wasn't my first, err doctor. :icon11:
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*grabs doctor costume from the closet* *washes in Tide with blue snuggles fabric softner**puts doctor costume on**waits patiently for Des to come over and play* :icon_geek:

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*grabs doctor costume from the closet* *washes in Tide with blue snuggles fabric softner**puts doctor costume on**waits patiently for Des to come over and play*:icon11:
:shame: So I have to be The Nurse -again? Waits "patient-ly"...was that a deliberate pun? :cry::icon_geek::cry:
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Now wait just a minute here! We were having a perfectly fine and pleasant discussion of a doctor's visit, and we degererated into this? Playing doctor with our cousin? Where's the decorum?<G>I was all set to remark how different it was when I went to doctors and they were all 42 years older than I was, versus going now when I'm about the same number of anum older than they. (What is the plural of anum, anyway? I never took Latin.) The dynamic is indeed different. I have a woman doctor and she younger than I. Well, most people are, but we don't talk about that much. But having a woman check you out is quite startling, till you get used to it. I'm used to it. Well, almost.Des, I'm glad you're feeling better, just because someone spoke kindly to you. Makes me wonder if you needed a doctor at all, or just more frequent visits to the forums here. Would have saved you some money. Think about it.Cole

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Cole Parker wants to know about "decorum". If I remember correctly, where my cousin was concerned there was very little decorum any where near him.My doctor is a bout the same age as me, a year or two younger at most. This makes me a little apprehensive in case he becomes as senile as me. The image of one old fogey trying to assess the health of another old fogey is probably material for a Monty Python sketch. :icon11: I must admit also that in my experience I find it terribly difficult to relate to a female doctor. I am not all comfortable with them on practically any level outside of me being unconscious. I certainly would not want to discuss my anum with her. (I presume the plural of anum is anus.) :shame: If I spend any more time in the forums I will be arrested for loitering. But yes Cole, I did need a reassurance from a friendly human (male) that I was still breathing and not threatened with immediate extinction. Now I have to worry about poor Jason sitting there all waiting for me to practise medicine without a licence.I just hope he understands the need for decorum if I inspect his anum. :icon_geek:

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Des, you just don't understand the benefits of a pucker prodder of the female persuasion. They are vastly more gentle, and it can become more of a massage than a mauling. Why, you almost look forward to the experience. Almost.But as for plurals and such, since you obviously qualify as an expert, tell me, is it anum anus, or a num anus? I suppose it depends on the doctor.C

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Cole I think I will settle for the mauling, particularly if it means a num anus, but I can assure I remain anything but an expert in the female massage matters even if it was only once an anum. OMG I can't believe we are even talking about this! :icon_geek:

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I supposed I'd better tell you MY little tail, um, er, tale. I went to my doctor regarding a rather interesting discoloration and flaking off 'material' from the sensitive end of my penis, and lo and behold, in he walks, holding my chart, and accompanied by a female. He introduces her as a 2nd year medical student, observing, and asks me to describe the problem. Um, er, uh. What the hell do I say? How can I get out of this one, with any dignity at all. "You can't, sucker", I tell myself, "unless you act as though there isn't a problem with this." So, I proceeded to tell my doctor my woes, and pulled out the old (sadly, it's as old as I am) pecker, and showed them both the details. I never cease to amaze myself.

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