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Octopus Shoes



I'm very, very close to finishing the next chapter of Laika. I'm going to take my laptop to work today and finish it there (hopefully). I plan to send it in tomorrow.

I was talking to a friend of mine the other night. He goes to a different school, where he tutors Logic and Western Philosophy. I tutor Logic and Eastern Philosophy. We started talking around midnight and then debated names v. properties for four hours, then passed out on the floor until noon. The highlight reel would include lines like "That lamp is markedly different from Chicago," "Hitler and Ghandi...they were both people, right?", "That object of infinite potential that is currently residing on your foot could, indeed, be called a 'shoe' right now, but if I removed it from your foot and threw it on the ice at a hockey game, it could be called an 'octopus'," and, finally, "FUCK! Descartes only needed to spend ONE PAGE on this, and then he was DONE. That's why Western philosophy makes so much more sense."

Also, I'm working on a top secret project that I plan to release by the end of summer. No more details, though.

"With the music execution and the talk of revolution,

It bleeds in me and it goes...

Give 'em the boot the roots the radicals!

Give 'em the boot you know I'm a radical!

Give 'em the boot the roots the reggae on my stereo..."

-"Roots Radicals" by Rancid


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Yet more proof how much you rock...or weeble. Being able to pull an all-nighter (or close it) with a good friend, for a bull session mixed with the serious and wacky, :thumbsup:It's great to see things are maybe working out better. :hugs: Octopus Shoes... that could be a title of more than a blog entry, but I dunno what would go with it. ...Calamari? :))Yay! More Laika to like!Top secret project? Have you been watching "Real Genius" again? -- Looking forward to the arrival of the big, humongous, hush-hush story. -- I wonder what will be different... 'cause I know something will be.

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