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The 4th



Ever completely forget that other people were in the house, and start doing something that even you think is kind of weird?

Yesterday morning, I was standing in front of the bathroom mirror, shaving my head, when I started singing:

"Shaving my dome,

Shaving my big white dome,

I don't get razor burn

Because I use a lot of foam!

I wake up and shave my dome

At the break of dawn,

Yes, I'm shaving my dome,

With my bath towel on...."

I was about to start in on a second verse when I realized that, since it was the fourth of July, everybody was off of work, and waiting to applaud as soon as I stepped out.

That night, some friends and I chased each other around with sparklers and traded protest songs. It was cool, but a couple people kept trying to get me to drink.

"Dude, you'll be 21 in, like, four days. We're not going to turn you in or something. It's four days!"

I was dumbstruck - they actually thought that the reason I don't drink is because it wouldn't be legal. I had to explain, like, since when do I care about the law? Fuck the law. I'm not going to be one of those posers who blunts their edges the day the law says that they can.

Oh, yeah - I turn 21 on Sunday.

"I learned all about Liberty.

It's a statue near a harbor in a city called New York.

And I learned that statues are things that we build

To remind us of things that have died."

-"Liberty is a Statue" by Evan Greer


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Outstanding Blog entry. :biggrin: That song is going straight to No. one.Congratulations for your 21st Birthday :biggrin: Even more congrats for you attitude and stance about law and drinking or not.

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I turned 21 once. Congratulations. I don't drink much, but you should still toss ONE back just to celebrate. And I started what little drinking I did LONG before I was legal (and in my day it was 18, not 21).

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Man, how come I didn't have a college roommate like you? -- Only one or two of 'em were even close to that weird and wonderful.About the not drinking: I rarely drink much at all. It just doesn't appeal. In college, it was partially from being uptight...about too many things. But hey, I tried a few times. It didn't feel good enough to want to do it more. Friends mostly respected that, even if they didn't get why I felt that way. Other friends felt the same as I did.Hay! Congrats on the upcoming 21! That's about halfway between the 4th of July and Bastille Day. No, I dunno if it means anything either.

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An early happy birthday!Couldn't stop smiling throughout this entry. I love it, especially the song. Hehe. Keep blogging! I love the way you write.

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20020313qd8.jpgHm? Nah that can't be.Solution: StrippersWhether you or your friends like strippers or not. Ahh sparklers, I wish I had some. I wish I had some friends too.
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