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Hey Guys (and Ladies, if there are some reading this)!

I've been exchanging emails with a reader recently, and I'll share a part of one of them here.

Recently I find out "AwesomeDude" website, where I got a chance to read your stories and other authors'. You guys doing a good job. Thanks for sharing your experience and imagination.

I know you might've heard this before, but I just want to let you know (again!) that you're doing your job.

Have a great weekend! (There's a typhoon/storm and I don't think mine would be great.)


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It's a good thing only you can smell your fart. :)I disagree with you having only three readers. Was I already one of those three? I recently read a thread at Dabeagle's message board about your new story not being there. (Driver was looking for it) Dabeagle said he hasn't heard from you.

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Hey Rad, good luck about the typhoon, and I hope everyone there gets through it fine. I live near the Texas Gulf Coast, so I've been through major hurricanes and tropical storms. It's great to hear readers are enjoying your stories and AD. Keep writing!I wish things would improve for DaBeagle and his site.

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