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Sweet Sixteen



I just got back to school today. The government has suspended classes since Wednesday until Saturday last week because of a typhoon. Rained buckets for days, plus buffeting winds, landslides, and all that stuff. It's the first natural rain we had this year, so it's basically the end of the dry spell. Then yesterday (Monday), it was a holiday. You know, one of those hero days. So that was almost a week-long vacation. Damn, I thought the weatherman said there would four more typhoons to go through our country this August. Only more than a week left of August now though, so there's no hope for that. Sigh. The weather's back again to 30?+ C, and there are classes again.

Anyway, on to happy thoughts. I broke my own winning streak record at the arcades today! Sixteen, sweet! It took seventeen guys before I was finally beaten at Soul Calibur, which doesn't say much because by the time I was facing the seventeenth challenger, I was already tired. And those weren't beginners I was playing with, I can tell! *Gloat, gloat* And the last time I played was a week ago! I'm so proud of myself! LOL. I played as Siegfried of course. That's a boost from my previous record of nine. I wonder if there are pro arcade players.

As for the long-haired dude, he had beaten me two weeks ago. Haven't seen him since. I would've had another winning streak then, but he had ended it after I had six wins I think.

This same entry is being posted on another blog of mine. I'm so original. Haha.


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I couldn't get in there either, but I did take the trouble to explore a bit. I found a nice little story that kept me reading all afternoon, instead of doing up the minutes of a meeting I attended. http://hub-writing.org/vault/viewstory.php?sid=28Sadly, it was only pure luck that had me find it, as it was buried on the site. Rad Steven isn't listed in the authors there, so once I clicked off the location, it was only pure luck and my history of URLs visited that let me get back there. Somehow it seems like no site should host a story that cannot be found with relative ease.

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Oooh. I'm flattered, Wibby. I'm included in the SOME then. :DHehe... Trab... I don't wanna get you in trouble. You should've read that when you're supposed to be resting. I'm still a struggling writer so I don't have my own page there yet. LOL.

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From what I've read on here, ALL writers are struggling writers. If it isn't one problem, it's another.
Hehe.. it's always that problem, Trab.
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