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Two days ago I came thundering down the stairs and wacked my knee into a stupid door frame. Yes, I know. Since I live here, I should know there's a door frame at the bottom of the stairs, but hell ....

Anyway, it still hurts ... in fact it still ^&$$()_$%!!! HURTS! So I've had words, and whilst the door frame won't apologise, it said if I'm careful, it'll try to stay out of my way. Yeah right.


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Camy, having suffered similar interactions with household obstructions to my progress, I have found that the local health food store has an effective answer to the agony. See if you can find a bottle of "Swedish Bitters". There are two brands of this liquid available in Australia and I suspect there may be more, where you are. Pour some of the liquid on a rag/ cloth and tie it around the area afflicted with the pain. Bingo, all better! Sometimes it doesn't work, :lol: but it always helps to get your mind off things. :lol: I gave some once to a netball coach who was less than believing in the effectiveness of the treatment, but he was in such pain he decided to put some on his sprained calf muscle. He stopped limping in about 30 seconds and now uses it for his team's sprains. Worth a try if it is available where you are.

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Thanks, Des, though I'm almost better today. Well, physically anyway. Mentally I'm still howling at the injustice of sneaky door frames.I'd never heard of 'Swedish Bitters' before. It seems the inventor lived to 104 and died falling off a horse ... which means if you avoid horses you'll probably live forever.It sounds like a plan!

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Swedish Bitters must be great stuff: they don't sell it over here. At least not that I'm aware of. Our pharmaceudical companies certainly wouldn't want some foreign product that actually worked on our supermarket shelves. They proababy have it banned.C

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This is the South Australian site:Swedish Bitters Australia I know that the local manufacturer, Hilda Hemmes has Maria's books for sale, but now she has her own as well.Hilda is a local success story in herbal teas, etc. I don't want to start a rush here or anything. Herbal health treatments can help some symptoms and conditions. On the other hand do they not always work for everybody.Please check for interactions with other medications.Topical application of Swedish Biotters to the surface of the skin would I think be most unlikely to cause problems, but you might want to test it first on small area first. If you put it on your little finger and it drops off, I wouldn't use it elsewhere.Seriously folks, it is useful and I am not aware of any problems with it, but like all these things you should read up on it in relation to your own needs. :lol:
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We have 'bitter' in the UK. It's beer. Much recommended for terminating failing livers, and keeping the population down ... or is that meths?Knee much better, thanks to all for the suggestions. :)

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