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Garth's new song and video

Jason Rimbaud


I'm not usually one to listen to country music. But earlier today I was surfing through the channels and happen to land on CMT right when the new Garth Brooks video started to play.

And WOW, it blew me away. The video is absolutely amazing. And might I even go as far as saying that Garth is a bit sexy as well. The name of the song is "More than a Memory". If you get a chance to listen to the song or even better yet to watch the video, you'll see what I mean. Very good.

Jason R.


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To Rad, thanks. I was busy typing an email and my friend took the picture. I thought it looked cool so I posted it. That's my lucky hat by the way, I always wear it when I'm writing. Kind of like my security blanket.Jason R.As for Wibby's comment. I understand, and believe me when I say I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that I like this new Garth song, but damnit, I do. It's not my fault, look at my hat for god's sake.Jason R.

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Dearest Emu-Boy,You know how foolish us Colonials are. We have to make ridiculous rules and follow bizarre rituals to do almost anything. And since country music was invented here in the colonies, I must explain just how embarrassing it is for a mature, intelligent, gay man to admit to, publicly, his liking country music. It's tragic. Almost along the same lines as a grown man telling his unsuspecting wife that he really prefers fucking boys than her. Problems tend to arise after such a declaration. Basically the answer to your question is, YES. Jason R.

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