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My schedule has been INSANE for the past couple weeks. It goes like this:

Wake up at 5:00 am. Shower, shave, breakfast, etc. - the whole morning routine.

Leave home at 7:00 am. Drive for a solid hour to an out-of-district middle school.

Teach 7th graders about physical science until 3:30.

Drive an hour and a half to college.

Sit in class until 10:00 pm.

Drive an hour to get back home.

Write lesson plans and do homework for the next two hours.

Wake up at 5:00 am and repeat.

Teaching is fun as hell, but Matt Lauer, I'm exhausted. I find myself looking forward to weekends, when all I have to do is work an eight hour shift. But still, I'm glad I'm doing it, 'cause once I'm done...I'm going to feel like I can do anything. I mean, damn, if these 20-hour days don't finish me off, nothing will.

Speaking of middle school, I was walking down the hall on my way out when I had an interesting encounter. First, let me set the scene: I'm wearing all black, since that's the only "professional" look I can pull off - black pants, black belt, black shoes, black dress shirt, long black overcoat, black boxers (though nobody knew about those but me), one black sock (the other was gray), and a black knit cap full of one-inch punk pins. I've also got a black backpack over my shoulder, which has a small, rubber Krusty the Clown keychain hanging from the back. From behind me, I hear someone shout "Hey!"

I turn around to see a kid in one of the school's football jerseys looking back at me. He's got this cocky look on his face. I recognized that look immediately - that was the universal adolescent "I'm gonna start some shit!" look. Almost immediately, however, his face fell. He noticed the staff ID that I had clipped to my shirt. I had to refrain from laughing out loud and keep my professional face on.

"What's up?" I ask.

"Uh...sorry...I, uh...I thought you were, like, a tall goth kid."

Whoa. Where the hell do I start? With the fact that he mistook me for a tall 14 year old (WHAT!?), the fact that he mistook me for a goth (No offense, but goth music sucks :hehe: ), or the fact that this cocky little dude was about to start something, not only on school grounds, but with someone more than a foot taller than himself (I could have totally taken that 8th grader).

Before I can say anything, he takes off.

That was the first time I've been (almost) hassled by a middle school jock because of the way I dress since I was in middle school. Maaan, that takes me back.

"Class traitor? What-fucking-ever!

I'm just another middle class kid, too.

But if I'm not good at changing, I'm good at self-loathing,

So I'll class-hate myself with you."

-"New Mexico Song" by Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains


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EleCivil Wrote:

... black boxers (though nobody knew about those but me),
Sorry to hear that, EleCivil. :lol: The all black outfit would get you into the cinema/theatre business here as a technician, or at least a stage hand, though we would prefer you to keep the grey sock covered. In your honour, I now have taken to buying black socks with tiny little different motives on the side so that I can wear different socks on each foot. Works a treat to know which foot was in each sock. :icon1:
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I was in here the other day and was gonna say something profound and witty, but I lost my crayons....Y'know the best part of this, aside from the black boxers?Just think how jock-boy is going to be so befuddled, because he mistook a teacher, an adult for a "really tall goth kid." Bwahaha, serves him right. :evil: Maybe he'll think before picking on another kid again. OK, so we can only hope."Who was that punked man? What's he teach, anyway? Like, dude! He totally faked me out."

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