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There's a big Periodic Table of Elements in the science wing of my school. Having not pranked anything recently, I decided that it looked like a good target. I printed up a fake element square, using all the accurate information for Aluminum, but changed the name to Al-Bundium. I made the switch a few days ago, taping the fake square over the real one, and it's still up there. I'm thinking of replacing an element with a sitcom character every couple days, and seeing how long it takes before someone takes them down.

My school made it on the news because of our new GBLT club, Prism. It's getting protested, even though its faculty adviser is a nun and it's being backed by the Diversity Awareness and Action Committee. Here's hoping it causes some kind of ruckus. I love ruckuses.

Also, I got a cheap used car to replace that one that I smashed. Hopefully I'll get the hang of driving a standard transmission again, because right now I suck at it. My last stick shift was in my Ford Ranger, which I referred to as my "Pick-up Full of Sweet, Sweet Love" (+10 cool points if you catch the reference) that I drove years ago.

Finally, I've signed on for NaNoWriMo again this year. Last year I dropped out around the 10,000 word mark, so let's see how far I can get this time. I'm placing my bets at around 20,000.

"Everyone tells me they're crazy.

Crazy people aren't so fucking boring.

Wake me when you're through being cool,

'Cause I'm snoring."

-"Unlisted Track" by Jawbreaker


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Al-Bundium? How about Al-Gorium?Anyway to make the most out having to drive a car with a stick shift,Get a cute guy, (any cute str8 or gay guy of your desire) will do, to sit in the passenger seat and ask him to change gears for you, when you tell him. (Make up some reason, a sprained wrist is a good one.) Then after he has changed gears a couple of times, you grab his hand as it rests on the shift stick, squeezing as you apologize, "Oh I am sorry, I forgot you were changing gears for me," using your cutest and most seductive toothy grin.This should end up with the cute guy asking you to drive to a secluded spot to practice changing your gears for you. :lol:

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I haven't actually read your latest entry yet. I will after this. I just want to say: Great, great Picture. I'm not perving on it, though.

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SF = Sophonium. If someone doesn't know it's a prank from that, they deserve the grade....UD = Urdirtium. And...UF = Urfreakium. But...UC = Urcutium. And...UH = Urhottium. Though it's probably best if the students tell each other, not the teacher....PS = Prismosupportum. Because.DL = Dilithium. You know, for the crystals....LA = Latinum. How else did it get gold-pressed?TA = Transaluminum. Or Transaluminium, if you're not from the States.SP = Sesquipedalium.CL = Circumlocutium.SL = Saccolintium. Pocket Lint? TG = Trugrittium. Real dirt.PD = Plainoldirtium. EC = EleCivilus. Hey, see if you've got fans into chemistry!AS = Altrosockium. Mismatched socks are elemental!GB = Gaudioboium. Gay boy.GL = Gaudialesbium. Gay girl.GP = Gaudioamicum. Gay-friendly.TS = Transgenerium. Transgender.BP = Biphilium. Bisexual (Bi-lovin'.)IA = Isoamicum. Equally-friendly.HA = Heteroamicum. Straight-friendly.

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I just want to say: Great, great Picture. I'm not perving on it, though.
Heh. A friend was over here taking pictures the other day, and emailed that one to me. The first thing I thought was "You know who would appreciate a picture of me smirking defiantly and adjusting my hat while standing in front of a pirate flag? AwesomeDude readers."
Blue, you have too much time on your hands....
Maybe, but he's got to put all those Latin lessons to work somehow, and I can't think of a better use for 'em.
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I'm gone for a month and I miss out on periodic table jokes, cool fedora pictures and a chance to poke fun at a gay club run by a nun? I'm like the anti-John McClane: in the wrong place at the wrong time, but nothing to blow up.Bloody hellium.

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cool fedora pictures
Yes, but you were already well aware of my fedoraffinity ™.
I'm like the anti-John McClane: in the wrong place at the wrong time, but nothing to blow up.
There's where you're wrong - there's ALWAYS something to blow up. Obviously, you're slackin' on your blowin'.
Profane symbol: He. Has eight offendons in its outer orbital. A noble swear, an inert interjection, from the last column of the Profane Table of Elements.Problem is, those aren't reactionary enough.
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