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decision to make



Hi all! :stare: I hope that your week is going well. Well... First of the all, thank you for the advices you gave to me. Now, I have made a decision about Tara (my best friend). After reading your comments and listening to my friends' advices, I've been thinking about this a lot. Now, I've come to make a difficult decision, but I know that this is for the best. I've decided to put my romance feelings for Tara aside, for a while, just until Tara gets better. I've realized that Tara's well-being is very important, and it should comes first before everything. I talked with Tara about seeing Dr. G (a school psychologist). Tara had given it a lot of thought and decided that she will go see Dr. G. Tara had asked me to come with her to her appointment with Dr. G, and I, without any hesitant, said yes. I will ALWAYS be there for her, whenever she needs me, NO MATTER WHAT! She will have an appointment with Dr. G this coming Monday. I hope that everything with Dr. G will be fine and I hope that this will helps Tara a lot. I'm willingly to wait to ask her out, no matter how long it takes. I'll ask her out when she is happy and ready. I don't care how long it takes, what matters to me the most is that Tara needs some time to get well. I'll support her in any way, whether it's good or bad. I know that what I did (putting my romance feelings for Tara aside) is a right thing to do, and frankly, I?m glad that I've made a right decision, even though it's hard. But, next, I have a big situation and it involves Ryan, my ex-boyfriend (yes, I am a bi), is being an idiot, and he's giving me a hard time right now. I can't believe that Ryan didn't realized that he had caused me to stressed out and also causing the problem. I am not going to get into any details of what's happening, not yet, but I'm really stressed out about this crisis already. Sometimes, I wish that I've never met Ryan. But, I can't change anything and I have to find a way to deal with this situation. Ok, thanks for reading this entry. :shock:

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It might be important to make sure that Ryan knows you're bi, and not gay. He may be having just as hard a time understanding that in you, as many straights have in understanding gay or bi. That may be where at least some of your problems with Ryan are coming from. I'm really glad you've made the decision to help Tara, and I'm pretty sure Dr. G is going to help. :hehe:

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