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The prom on Friday was so awesome. Tara looked hella hot in her prom dress (That's my opinion, so sorry if this made you feel uncomfortable, but I know that you don't care). The food was okay but not that great, lol. After the prom, some of my friends, Tara and I went to the comedy show and it was hella funny. I am so f---king glad that it wasn't raining on Friday or otherwise, I would be pissed because I wanted the prom to be the perfect for Tara and it was. :wink: Even though I was having a lot of fun, Saul is always in my mind. I guaranteed you all, Saul and Quintin are in everybody's mind, not only in my mind. I know for sure that Saul and Quintin are proud that we all are having fun without them and did not feel sad. :wink: Ok, there were some interesting things regarding the presidental candiates. WARNING: I WILL EXPRESS MY OPINIONS ABOUT THE PRESIDENTAL ELECTION AND THE CANDIATES, AND MY OPINIONS MAY MAKE YOU FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE. IF IT DOES, THEN DO NOT READ FURTHER AND READ SOMETHING ELSE, THANKS. Wow, Hillary Clinton gave up. I didn't really like her that much, considering how she presents herself in the public. When her husband, Bill Clinton, was the president, Hillary Clinton was trying to get the universal health care for the people. Then, the people gave Hillary the money, and guess what? Hillary Clinton stopped trying to get the universal health care and I think she kept the money to herself. I can't believe how selfish she was for not trying to get universal health care back then, not now. WTF, why did she wanted to run for the president if most people did not like her? Now, its only John McCain and Barack Obama. I agreed with some of their political views...You can say that my politlcal status is moderate, and yes, I am. I don't really agree with McCain's decision that we should keep the troops in Iraq. This was so f---king stupid to send more troops to Iraq for no reason. Obviously, when they first decided to go on the war against Iraq few years ago, they announced that it was believed that there were nuclear weapons built there...Guess what? We didn't find any nuclear weapons and yet the troops did not come back! I know someone who is in Iraq now and I hope that he's okay now and will come home as soon as possible. What do you think about abortion? Well, my view on abortion is...I think that I should not express my opinion on abortion here because it might make other people feel much more uncomfortable, so I will not say anything here. Oh yes, most Jews preferred not to vote for Barack Obama because Obama's ex-pastor said something insluting towards the Jews. Wow, one of my friends, who is a very devoted Jew, said that he will not vote for Obama. I told him that Obama is no longer part of this church. He said, "TOO LATE! He should've leave his church a long time ago, not now." I was pretty shocked to know that Obama's ex-pastor is anti-white and anti-jew and said a lot of insulting things about whites and Jews. Obama has a right idea to withdraw the troops from Iraq and I agree with this one. Also, Obama said that he is willing to talk with the leaders of Arab countires, enemy or ally, without bringing the war to them. I agreed with this one. Well, I will write more about my political views on some of things McCain and Obama planned to do. Oh yes, keep in your mind, I don't really care what you think of me as a moderate...It's my choice, and please respect my political view, thanks. Remember, I am not a Republican or Democrat. Ok, thanks for reading.


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I am glad your Prom went well and you continue to share your thoughts and feelings about various topics with us.Now, please find the RETURN key on your keyboard. Use it sometime :)LoveWibby

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Like Wibby I am pleased to see you sharing your opinions with us. And yes I agree with him too, that dividing your post with a few paragraphs would help make it more readable. :wav:

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