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The inevitability of change.



You wander along thinking life is almost perfect (I say almost, as perfection is really impossible) and then ... shit happens.

One of my oldest and dearest on-line friends has just left the net, and I'm gutted. Gutted because they've gone, and also because I had no inkling - not the vaguest idea - that anything was wrong ... and I don't like it. The foundations of my 'world' have been rocked: there's been an on-line earthquake.

But, as has been pointed out, change is inevitable. I might not like it, but 'that's life'. In the words of Gloria Gaynor "I will survive!"

The net is a weird place, and investing too much of yourself in it is unhealthy.

Hey ho. In other news: I've started writing again!


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I think it took me awhile to realise that the Net was a place like anywhere else we humans gather; full of risk and chance.The risk for disappointment is as great as the chance for an affectionate and meaningful relationship.While both may not have the same physicality as occurs is the real world, they are nevertheless tangible and equally capable of effecting us emotionally. Investing in a chance for friendship is usually worth the price, even when it hurts. :wav: Glad to hear you are writing. :wave:

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Camy, it may all be a bad computer crash. When I had my first hard drive crash, I lost 768 contacts, instantly, and only knew a few addresses. Slowly, I managed to build my data again, but I've probably lost at least 300 which I've never been able to recover. They probably all thought I'd decided to ignore them. Maybe that isn't the problem though. Either way, it hurts. Hugs to you.

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Emus write pretty well from what I recollect.I'd discuss your friend leaving the net but your statement is vague as hell. Voluntary or not? Vanished or tired of it? Etc.

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