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i'm back...



I'm back! Wow, one month of not updating. Sorry about that! I was hella busy. I gotta to be prepared for college; I'm leaving in two weeks. Also, in beginning of August, Ty and I went to NC to see my cousin and his wife. My cousin and I are very close. Fun times with him. :wink: Gosh, at some days, outside was hella hot and I felt like that I didn't really wanna go outside. I HATE HATE HATE HEAT WAVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wink: I love snow days, lol, so I can get a chance to sleep in. This is one thing I missed most in high school.

I just found out that the gudiance counselor, who retired this summer, was subtly racist towards Asians and this really pissed me off a lot. :mad: No one likes her and we all hate her. We are so happy that she retired. The principal heard about her subtle racism, and is looking into this. I never really understand why she is sutbly racist towards Asians. Some of my friends are Asians. Also, one of my friends told me that this gudiance counselor f---ed with her (my friend's) sister over college few years ago. Hell, she isn't that good. I just wished that she was fired, instead of retiring. I'm really really thankful that I don't have her. Let me tell you all....Racism is still going on in America. I mean, racism towards African Americans, Muslims, and more. Obviously, it was stupid people who have some demons inside them that made them to hate something. I will never be friends with someone who is a racist about something. Saul had experienced with racism little bit before because he was Hispanic. He was pretty upset that some was really mean to him, because most Hispanics weren't well-educated. F--k these people, they just don't know Saul as I did...He was pretty smart and worked hard in school. He applied to several colleges. He heard back from one of the colleges that he really wanted to go-he was really thrilled about that. But, he died a month before we heard back from colleges that are on regular decision...so he never got a chance to know which other schools he got in. But, most importantly, these people are well stupid enough that they didn't know that Hispanics tried their best to work hard to be educated. To be honest, I really wanted to have the world where there is no racism and everyone could get along. Obviously, this is just my desire....Here is the REAL world.

Dang...it has been four months since Saul and Quintin were born to eternal life. I think I am slowly healed by Saul's death, and this is a good thing...Right? Hope it is. I'm glad that I have a lot of memories of him, in order to keep closure with him.

Tara is pretty excited to go to college. As for me, I'm kinda excited, but mostly nervous. I know that most of people who are going to college for first year are nervous and it's normal to be nervous. so yeah. Tara and I spent everyday mostly to prepare for college. She has a lot of things going on, but we made a time to have dates. :wink:

Most of these days, I spend my time with my uncle, aunt and cousins before I leave for college. Before you jumped into a conclusion that I didn't spend some time with my family, I did. I spent some time with my family, even though I have a strained relationship with my dad. Sometimes, it is awkward...well, mostly it is. But, still, it's going ok.

Damnnnn, Dark Knight is really cool and awesome! lol.

Ok, I'm signing off now, so later!


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Wow, you certainly have had a lot happening.Anyway It is good to see you updating your blog. I'm sure everyone is pleased to hear from you.Best wishes for college, and I'm pleased the evil counselor has gone. :hehe:

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It sounds like things are improving for you, and that's a good thing. Don't worry about the being nervous, much. It isn't really the first year that you will have that. It is only till you've experienced each little thing, and then you're no longer nervous about that little thing. Sure, there may be some other thing, but it just gets better and easier every day.

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