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College life



Hey y'all!

I am in college now. I'm staying in the dorm with two roommates. They are cool. Most importantly, my dorm room is so f---ing awesome because it has more space for television I bought. I'm sharing my television with my roomies. I can't live without a television! The food here are okay, but not that great. Anyways, first week was orientation week and now it's over....Thank God. Tuesday is the first day of classes, and I'm ready. Good thing about my classes are in the mornings is that I have all afternoons FREE! I ain't gonna have classes in afternoons! I made some new friends, so that's good. Wow...I made this new friend who is living on my dorm floor...Guess what is his name? You got it...Saul. It is so weird... To be honest, sometimes, it hurts that I had to say his name, Saul (new friend, I mean) because I knew that Saul, who I knew since sixth grade, is not here. I know that Saul L. is never gone, and he is just right there. But, still, it is hard for me at times. Anyways, ugh, philosophy...I'm planning to drop this class and take Calculus class.

It's hard to believe that I'm in college...Just wow. Well, I think that I may not update my entries every week, since I will be busy with school works and assignments. So, what I am asking from you is to be patient for me to update. I will update my entries when I have a time or when I am free. College life is not same as high school life, so I've heard. *Sigh* It's true...

Sorry for the short entry, but I promise you all for a long entry at another time!

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:icon_rabbit: Glad to hear it's going well. Tsk, tsk though. How can you say you have the afternoons free, and then tell us you don't have enough time to post. Tsk, tsk. :wink:
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