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You Could or You Couldn't...Doesn't matter

Jason Rimbaud


Not to be out done by Camy and his forgotten hard-drive pieces that he selfishly dribbles out here and there as he "discovers them", I searched through my "hard-drive" and found a poem that "somehow" managed to evade getting posted. Not one of my better pieces, that's probably why I decided to bury it in the layers of shit that covers my computer. But seeing as I haven't posted a new poem in months...


If you have a mind, check it out in the Poetry Forum, it's called Boy With Dancing Eyes. Or don't...because as Wibby is fond of saying...

Jason :wink:


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Don't worry Wibby, we're used to your closed mouth ways. We (read I) don't care if you like it or not. :hehe: Why won't you tell me what you think? Why!!!!!!!!(a tearful) Jason

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Well, I liked it. (said the orangutan.) :hehe:
Whew! That's a relief. As we all know what orangutan's do when they don't like something. Anyone for throwing poo? :hehe:
Well, I liked it. (said the orangutan.) :hehe:
As did I. :smile:
Thank you Camy...Jason
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I think what he's trying to say isOrangutan see,Orangutan doOrangutan seeYou throw pooOrangutan heThrow poo too.There.I just lowered the level of this blog below sea level!C

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