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A rawky day!



I've been feeling really meh recently. Miserable weather does me in, and so far August has been a bleedin' awful month as far as weather is concerned. I'd thought that was it: another poxy English summer crawls to its grotty end ... and then today arrived.

Today was magical! Today was shorts and t-shirt weather, with a long, long walk on the beach. Of course I should have been sorting out the container, but no chance. The sun pulled me elsewhere. :wink:

The tide was so far out that bones of the wreck of the Amsterdam - a Dutch East Indiaman that sank in 1749 - were visible. This is a rare event, and pulled a large audience of gawpers, including M and me. It was odd to think of the people that lost their lives all those years ago. I think I was expecting to feel something. A frisson, maybe. But no: nothing. Obviously I'm as psychic as a brick.


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You spoke too soon, din'tyer? The weather's gone back to being vile."What was that?""What was what?""That warm bright thing, just then.""That was the summer.""Damn, I missed it. Do I get another?""Sorry, mate, that's yer lot.""Oh. Are there any more chocolates?"Perhaps, dear Camy, you should have asked a brick. They're all psychic, you know!A Frisson? Is that like a Soup?on but cooked differently?

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A Frisson? Is that like a Soup?on but cooked differently?
Umm ... could well be. Like a Hogshead, but without the real ale or tusks: after all, nobody likes tusks in their beer.
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