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Me and my container



I'm having problems divesting myself of crap. I don't mean that I have a blocked loo, or that my underwear needs cleaning. It's just that I have a container full of stuff that I can't seem to throw away. I wouldn't mind if it wasn't costing me a fortune every month, but it is and that annoys me a lot. So if anyone has any idea what I should do, then please, don't hesitate to say: sarcasm welcomed (I need a laugh), though bear in mind that a fire is out of the question as I have yet to find my passport and birth certificate. It's in there somewhere - sob-wail-gnash.

M sends his regards ... or he would if he knew I was writing this.



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Kapitano's Usual Solution: Set aside a room and fill it up with the boxes. It doesn't actually get rid of any stuff, and it makes your home a bit more cramped...but it (a) saves money and (b) motivates you to do something about the heap - so you can have your room back.The Trial By Fire Method: Get a little bit drunk, and have a bonfire of every second item. If, through the slight alcoholic haze, you identify an item as really really necessary, don't burn it. If, in your relaxed inebriated state, you decide you can do without the item, watch it burn and have another shot of tipple.The Subcontraction Method: Find someone else to make the decisions for you about what to keep and what the throw away - and then lose their mobile number so you can't interfere. That way, when they've thrown away something you absolutely wanted to keep, you can blame them, not yourself.This method is good if you have a friend who you want to get rid of, as it garruntees a fight. So probably don't ask M to do it.Speaking of the lucky man M, maybe he could do a guest post on Camy's Thang?

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...Speaking of the lucky man M, maybe he could do a guest post on Camy's Thang?
I misread that the first time, Kapitano, I thought you asked for M to do a guest pose. :icon5:
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Thank you all for your comments. Kapitano came up with several great ideas, and mixing them all together with the addition of Trab's most excellent suggestion (why I didn't think of eBay defeats me), has put me back on the right road for ridding myself of said container.And for wibby's peace of mind - the stuff:container.jpgwith not a fuzzy bunny slipper in sight. ;)

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Thoughts on looking at Camy's container:1. Man is that thing clean! Over here, when you rent one, it's filthy and beaten up and cruddy. And I've never seen a white one. That thing's beautiful. You could live in there.2. You shouldn't be getting rid of stuff, you should be acquiring more. You have so much extra space in there, it's incredible. You don't need to get rid of stuff for maybe another ten years or so. Stop worrying! Start collecting!3. All along, I been misled into thinking you were a musician. You can't be. Every serious musician I know has all sorts of musicican crap, and I don't see any in that container. There should be old twisted music stands, the kind that you stick the rack on the upright part and open it up and the music all falls off at the worst possible time, several old instruments cases, some sheet music that is missing pages, an old metronome that doesn't work any longer or one of those pyramid-types that have been replaced with electronic ones. There should be old amps and speakers and a couple miles of patch cords. None of that is in evidence.4. You've obviously arranged the 'stuff' for the picture, because I can't identify a single thing. Who stores stuff away that you can't tell what it is by looking at it? More to the point, just what are you hiding?5. I think I see a bicycle at the back, but it could be an exercise machine that looks like a bicycle. If it's a bicycle, why put it in the very back where it's hard to get to? I understand the English all ride bikes around their rustic villages because petrol is too expensives, and if you drive a car, they call you a toff and look down their noses at you. Well, they do in the Agatha Christie books.I won't go any further, but will say there's some pretty suspicious goings on here.C

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