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"Hmm," I thought as Rad Steven changed his name to RJ. "Perhaps part of my malingering malaise is my name. Maybe I'll change it."

Reversing the letters you get Ymac. Which sounded weirdly peachy until I slapped it into Google. Not only is Ymac an acronym for 'Your Mom Adores Cock', but Ymac.com is a highly dubious web site. So, In glorious 'ain't done nowt except think about it' hindsight, I've decided I like me just as I am.

Yesterday we went for a stroll on the beach. Shocked? I was. It must have been blowing 50-60mph, and to cap it all we got soaked.

So I wrote a poem ...

Musings on the Beach

by Ymac Camy

What is it about you

that makes me feel giddy

Why do I yearn to hold hands

you're not classically pretty

Your nose is too large

yet your lips are just so

and your eyes twinkle merrily

as your smile makes me glow

What is it about you

that makes my heart beat

Why is it when I think of you

my faith in life leaps

Why is it I mope

when you're not here with me

I love trudging through the rain

hand in hand me and thee.


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Camy I love that poem. I can really relate to it, when I think of my own lovely man. (His nose is too big too.)As a Windows PC user, the first thing I thought of when I read Ymac was indeed, "Why Mac?"Anyway I agree with your Mum's adoration. :hehe:

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Ymac of course is only one possible combination.Macy is name in this country associated with a very prominent department store. Bill Macy was, or is (I don't keep up well), a noted second tier actor.But I prefer Cyam. There is a feeling of mystery to it, an almost oriental touch, an enigmatic quality. You might give that some thought.C

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Y.M.C.A! :hehe: Or to put it another way...

Young manIf think you're like meYoung manIt's a good thing to be, I sayWrite itI am sure you will findMa-ny ways...to...ex...plore...gay...loveIt's fun to read his stuff!Y...MCA!I think it's gotta beY...MCA!You can tell a good taleYou can write a quick songYou can do wha-ev-er you feel

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Y.M.C.A.?I'm trying to imagine our emu in an indian headress with eagle feathers.Or wearing a construction site hard hat and ... let's see if we can get a piture of that emu_villagepeople-1.jpgThe Emu Village people.

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