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Hey y'all,

I hope that you are doing well this week. I've been so busy most of the time, since I had a lot of works to do. Calculus is okay, and I hope that I'll survive this class... My roommates and I are having awesome times. My roommates are cool. They know how to have fun. lol. At least, I am not too much fond of partying late at night on school night. I just went to the library if I wanted to study or finish my works. Wtf, at the library, if you need to print out something, you have to pay for it. That's f---ing stupid. At the computer lab in the dorm building which is next to my dorm building, the printing is free, thank God. Some nights, on my dorm floor, we had some funny moments. This girl, Nicole had pulled down the pants of Hillary's and out of nowhere, my friend and I saw her and were like laughing our asses off. Hillary was like, "WTF NICOLE!" and ran to her room and pull up her pants and came back. Anyways, it was kinda funny but it wasn't that funny because it was embarrassing.

Wow, it's has been five months since Saul and Quintin went Home. Next month, it will be a half of the year since they went Home. I'm always glad that I bought my memories of Saul with me to college, since it's always with me. I've always told my roommates about Saul and they never got bord hearing my stories about Saul. I am glad that they understand how I feel about Saul's death, even though they don't totally understand how. To be honest, whenever I go outside in evening times, just to clear out my stress, I've always look up at the dark blue sky and wonder if Saul is up there watching me. I feel that he is watching me and was like beside me. It's just how I felt, if you all know what I mean. Whenever I thought of Saul, I can see his face with a smile. Tell you what...I think that I am halfway healed about Saul's death, but not totally. That's kind of a good thing. I'm glad, anyways.

Election is coming up soon...in two months. I wonder who is going to win...This should be interesting. If Obama wins the election, then I wonder if there will be an uproar about Obama since he is the first African American to be elected as President. If McCain win, I wonder what very liberal people would say. All of you guys, take your guess who will win. For me, I don't know because I didn't really agree with some of their plans if they are elected.

Well, that's all I have to say now. I'll write more next time.

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I pray every day that McCain doesn't get elected. It will destroy our economy. And we'll end up at war with Iran as he has repeatedly hinted. (I don't know that he can screw up our reputation anymore.)

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