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And all is well - mostly.



After a fractious and car-less weekend, all is now well. My baby's back, though now her front brake discs are beginning to rub. :(

It's most strange that not having transport readily available - even if you aren't going to use it - is stressful. I live out in the country and although there is a bus a couple of times a day, and I could walk if needs must, I really did keep looking out of the window and pouting at her empty parking spot. Still, never mind eh, all is back to the way it was ... except for the world's economy, which seems to be rushing ever faster down the pan. Hmm. I hope the two aren't related.

Oh, and I've discovered mechanics can be quite eye-candilicious! :icon_rabbit:



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You should hit up Luggie. He's a Mechanic. And he looks better than a few of the cars he works on....
Hmm, a Raccoon opening a dating service. Why is it I'm just not convinced? :icon6:
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