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12 ish hours to NaNoWriMo!



Okay, so I have just under 12 hours to get my act together.

I have an outline of sorts, which is all well and dandy, but I wanted the whole thing nailed down. I wanted to know exactly who was going to be doing what to whom and when -- to the nth degree. Fat chance. I should know myself by now.

I do, however, have a title: 'Worth.' A good and worthy title I'm sure you'll agree. :icon_rabbit:

Good luck to everyone who's taking part!


Camy :icon_rabbit:


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Thanks, mate. And all the best to you, too. I'm jealous already and we haven't started yet - you've got a plan. A plan! How'd I get one of those? Sainsbury's? I want one!Bruin

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Bruin! Don't be so dashed coy! You know exactly what you're writing, and have done for waaaay longer than me. And! I have to give you props for using your noodle. Writing a sequel with fully fleshed out characters from last year is both makes masterful sense, and makes me want to read before you've even begun.I'd call you a tart if you weren't. :shock: Camy (a Bruin fan)

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I, too, am NoNo-ing this year. I don't really have a PLAN plan, but I've got a general idea of where I want to go. You now, a beginning, middle, and one of those...whatta-ya-call-em...endings! Which is way more than I had last year or the year before.The working title is "A Whisper to the City Unspeakable", but that could change if I get a pretentious-ectumy or something.Good luck!

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I obviously haven't got a clue what you are talking about. What is this NaNoWriMo thing of which you speak?
Dearest Des!NaNoWriMo stands for 'The National Novel Writing Month.' It takes place during November each year and by the 30th you have to have written 50,000 words - or not. There isn't a prize except for a warm wuzzy feeling.www.nanowrimo.orgHave a go, 'tis BIG fun!!!
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