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82. Fawlty Connection Thoughts



What a time of it I have had. The faulty phone line finally stopped working altogether. I couldn't stand to be without my web-fix, so I used up more of the bank's money and have a temporary connection via the cell phone acting as a modem. $60 for 1 Gig for 1 month. Yikes. Oh and the speed is a blistering 460kps.

And of course when I signed up for this "bargain" the girl didn't tell me I would need to insert an access code. Oh no I had to ring for help. A robot female voice asked me to tell her "in as few words as possible please say the reason for your call."

She couldn't understand a thing I said.

So for 3 hours I was switched from one department to another, often to be told by a recorded voice that the number they had switched me to, was no longer a valid number and I should check to see that I dialled it correctly. Obviously they have attended the Microsoft school of customer liaison.

After being connected to several people in Melbourne, Hobart (in Tasmania) Sydney and a strange man with an Indian accent who couldn't understand me any more than the female answering robot, I finally spoke to a technician (in Adelaide of all places) who told me the access code and to reboot the cell phone by restoring the factory settings. Who knew? Certainly not the girl who took my money.

When I finally got it all working, guess what, the partial connection on my faulty home line decided it was no use going to the trouble of not letting me connect to the web and decided to work perfectly for the next 4 hours.

No officer, I have not scalped any one, that is my hair on the floor. I ripped it out by the #&@*$#ing roots whilst talking to my #&@*$#ed phone company.

What's that you say? You will arrest them for causing me to curse. How nice of you. Such a cute young police officer, won't you stay and cruise the net with me? I'll make you a lovely breakfast?

Yeah if only. :icon_rabbit:


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I have to sympathize. I've had my own run-in with administrative crappola just recently. I've been working on setting up a web page and I needed someone to host it. I thought I'd try the one being used by one of the local clubs. It all looked really good on their webpage. Good rates, good service, good software. I could register online with my credit card and be up and running in 10 minutes, to maybe 10 hours if the system was slow. Very cool. I get the receipt for the money all printed, then wait.2 days later, I start to worry, so I phone their toll free phone line. After 20 minutes of being reassured that my call was very important to them, I got a message, "Leave your number and we'll call you back." Nice. Very soothing a smooth. Not even a thank-you. Of course I never left my number, I emailed them instead.The response was 110% less than reassuring. Due to an error on their end, they wanted me to photocopy the front and back of my Visa Card, and authorize them to make all required deductions before they could proceed. Oh yes, I had to photocopy my personal identification as well. I could just email all this to them. NOT ON YOUR FRIGGIN' LIFE.I contacted the Bank, and they were highly concerned too. THEY HAD ALREADY TRANSFERED THE MONEY TO THIS COMPANY, so there is no reason for them to even ASK for this other stuff. I decided right then and there to cease doing business with those guys, and the bank told me to ask for my money back, in the form if a Credit Back, then follow up with hard mail. Geez. Of course then I thought to check the Better Business Bureau, only to find that they have 78 complaints against them for poor customer service and follow up. Joy.I now have to wait to see if I've lost that money, still don't have a web host, and am totally paranoid about doing any business at all. Isn't life wonderful.

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Well yes I can sympathise as the connection seems to be effectively about the same as your 26.4.My normal ADSL speed is 8Mbps, so yes I was being sarcastic, sorry... :hug: I can only hope for some massive improvement for both of us.I find sarcasm helps me survive the day.I had another 2 hour episode with the Telco today, when I couldn't register to view my account online. It only took three calls including one disconnection and two transfers. The staff were really polite and had lovely sexy voices. (No, I am not referring to the robot lady.) Finally after they completed the registration for me to access the usage graph for my account, they told me I would be able to use it in 5 days. 5 DAYS! -I rang the telecommunication ombudsman complaints line, and they told me that they are very concerned about the 5 days as it seemed to be too long to them too. Then they told me that they cannot do anything for 10 days. :wacko: Then this afternoon, my telephone bill arrived and they had charge me for diverting my phone calls from the faulty land-line to the cell phone.They have corrected the bill and apologized as it was meant to be a free service, that only took 15 minutes, so things are getting better. :icon1::stare::icon6::icon6::sick:

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