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83. Test the Blog



The blogs are not looking as they should, so I am testing out posting a new entry in my blog just to see what it looks like.

If you have been plagued by spam in your blog, I have adjusted the guest permissions which should stop that from happening.

Please let me know about any spam in your blog and I will delete it.


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Hey, Des. Thanks for adjusting the guest comments permission. I got around 200 spam messages these last three or four days. I will delete them myself though :).And the skin looks fine to me. I'm just having a little problem with the background/font colors since they are so close. Maddy (:

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The comments are black text on a black background for me.I have to highlight them to be able to read them.Are you using Internet Explorer or some other browser?Also please let me know if you get hit by anymore spam, thanks.

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Your entry is white text on a nearly-black background, the comments from RJ and Maddy are black text on a nearly-black background (I can't read them unless I highlight them) and then your comments are black text on a white background.I'm using Firefox 3.0.3 and I've tried it on a CRT screen and on an LCD.

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Thanks BruinYour Fire Fox is showing the same as my IE 7.Likewise my CRT and LCD show the same.So I think it is probably consistent, which points to the skin.Hopefully Ben will find this helpful when he finds a moment to look at the problem.Interestingly, I did a 'Quick edit' of one of my replies above and when I submitted the text it was white on white background. :shock: So I then did a full edit and resubmitted it and it went back to black text on the white background.What fun...not! :wacko:

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I'm using IE on an LCD and i see your entry as white on dark grey, user comments as black on dark grey, and your comments as black on dirty white. Maddy (:

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This problem may be related to a problem I've experienced in the forums. When you reply to a thread by quoting a previous post, the text entry box appears complete with the text of the post you're quoting enclosed in 'quote' labels. The box has a white background and the text normally appears black. However if I quote one of of Cole's posts, the text of his post is invisible until I highlight it. It's always been like this, and I think it's because he colours his posts a sort of creamy yellow colour. I'm the opposite of an expert (an inpert?) but if HTML works anything like a lot of offline software, you can designate text to be a particular colour, or you can leave it defaulted to 'automatic', which seems to equate to white text if the background is dark and black text if the background is light. So most forum posts, with 'automatic' text colour, show white against the AD dark background, but then when you quote them and are working in the text entry box they show black against the white box background. No problem. Cole's on the other hand disappear because his text is not 'automatic', it's been specified to be a nearly white colour. And it's invisible against a white background.Now I wonder if that's close to what's happening in the blog area? Maybe our blog skin is defining the text of comments to be black, rather than 'automatic'? That would, I think, explain the phenomenon we're experiencing.

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Hey, that's radical! My comment above, number 10 in this thread, came out black on dark grey like all the previous third party comments here. But I proof read it after posting it and decided to make a minor change, so I clicked 'edit' at the bottom of the post and then 'quick edit' which gave me an editing cursor. And after making my change and clicking the 'complete Edit' button, my comment showed up with white text! However I clicked my browser's 'refresh' button and then it showed up with black text again. Boo.

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