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Lord, did I need a hit.

I was cold turkeying - a neat zombiesque dance I've worked out - all the way to the phone socket. With trembling hands I ripped apart the packaging of my new *free* wireless router. Fumbling in haste, I managed to plug in the filters and slip the cable home with a snick!

With antici ...

... pation I powered up and logged on.

Drooling as sweet, glorious bits and bytes flooded my system.

Sweet, sweet WWW.

Yep, with a new ISP I'm back ... oh yes *shudder* I am.


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Thank the divinities (of your Choice) Camy has returned to us intact, and in England too, I presume. :wav: We missed you something chronic. I'll make some tea and scones for afters. :hehe: Truly Camy, good to see you back. :hug:

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