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My hubristic outburst along the lines of 'shan't write a thing until I've finished a novel na-na-na-na-naaaaaa!' has caused me a lot of grief. So much, in fact, that I'm amazed I haven't exploded - or should that be imploded ... or possiby both?

Anyway, I've given up on it. If I do, then I do. If I don't, then c'est la vie, or somesuch. Life's way too short not to write because I've been a tit. There I've admitted it: I'm a tit. :icon_rabbit:


Let me commend to you www.fawm.org. Lots of fun, and remember that if you can't twang thump or wail: songs need lyrics - and writers write them!


Shock horror! I was tidying up my bedroom and I found a cobweb. Shocked to say the least, I was. Mainly because there were no spiders to be found. Lot's of spiders must have been partying, but narry a one in sight. Why? Where have they gone?


I have in excess of a few part finished short stories that I'm working on. Proud I am of this nugget, but I'll be prouder still when I actually finish one. Soon.


And that is that for the moment.

Ave all.



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Gee it's good to have your happy meanderings back Camy.I haven't found any cobwebs in the bedroom, but it's probably because the spiders are too fat from eating all the crumbs and stuff we spill onto the floor from eating in bed while we watch the movies, to bother spinning any webs.Anyway I suspect that Aussie spiders are so smart that they have their own computers and use the world wide web instead of spinning their own.Hugs Camy, and I look forward to writings. :hehe:

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"There I've admitted it: I'm a tit."Huh? Suddenly I'm not interested any more...Sorry, Camy, you're not a ... one of those. Not by a long shot and not without GRS. It was a good resolution but perhaps counter-productive as it turned out. So, it was just a resolution, ditch it! Now, buying a rubbish printer with poor driver support just because it's cheap, that would qualify you - but not ditching a self-imposed resolution. No way. No. Not at all. :hehe:

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